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Recognition of Umberto Lombardo’s research by Italian Authorities in Spain


Congratulations to our researcher Umberto Lombardo, who was just celebrated as one of Spain’s top Italian scientists!⁠
May 23rd 2024, at the Italian Embassy in Madrid, Spain, the annual celebration of the “Day of the Italian Researcher in Spain” formed part of the “Italian Research in the World Day (GRIM)”.⁠

The chosen researchers have received prestigious awards from the European Research Council, such as the Consolidator Grant won by Umberto for his Demodrivers project aimed at reconstructing the human demography of the Bolivian Amazon during the Holocene. The research integrates conventional archaeology with state-of-the-art geoarchaeology, biomarkers, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology and artificial intelligence. ⁠⁠
The event was presided by the President of the CSIC, Eloísa Del Pino, and the President of the National Research Council (CNR), Maria Chiara Carrozza.⁠